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Super exciting rides for all the family and groups of friends aged from 6 - 106!


Wing it on the Stringray, Go doughnuts on the Ringos or head for outer space on the UFO!  These inflatables are a real blast for up to 4 riders at a time.


Choose from:


Stingray where the U-shape allows effortless crossing of the wakes and the rocking motion adds a lot of excitement.


UFO where you can enjoy a ride because you just sit on it like a giant sofa. The cushioned sides and back make it perfect for kids of all ages from 6 to 106 and it can be driven to suit gentle tourist or avid thrill-seeker.

Ringos (AKA Doughnuts) 

Exciting rides for up to 2 people at a time with each person sat in their own inflatable tubes (or doughnut)  Plenty of splashes and loads of fun for all ages!


We do ask that participants are able to swim 25 metres.

Up to 4 riders can be on an inflatable ride at the same time.

Stingray UFO or Ringos

30 min Combination Ride

for up to 5 people


1 Hour Combination Rides

 for up to 10 people


10 min Ringo Ride Session

for up to 2 people


We welcome riders age 6 and up.
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