Ski and Wake

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Thrills and spills on our high speed ringos... 


Ringos are inflatable doughnut shaped rings that you attach to the back of the boat via a long line.


One person sits in each ringo and the boat tows them around the lake making turns to propel the ringos across the water.  


The degree of turn dictates the speed at which the ringo travels, so the driver can control the intensity of the ride (from highly intense to gentle) to make it suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes to enjoy!


We do ask that participants are able to swim 25 metres.


(max 2 persons per ride)


Winging it on the Stringray
or go-go UFO...

These inflatables are a real blast for up to two riders.


Choose either 'Stingray' where the U-shape allows it to effortlessly cross wakes and the rocking motion adds a lot of excitement.


Or go go UFO - where yo can enjoy a ride because you just sit on it like a giant sofa.  The cushioned sides and back make it perfect for kids of all ages from 6 to 106 and it can be driven to suit gentle tourist or avid thrill-seeker.


We do ask that participants are able to swim 25 metres.


Stingray or UFO Ride
(max 2 persons per ride)
Two riders: £40

Pre Booking Recommended

Groups - check out our  
"Wild Water Parties"
The Crazy Combo featuring "The Twister"

The "Crazy Combo" speaks for itself - choose any combination of our ride options from Stingray to UFO and top it off with the latest in water inflatables -
"The Twister" 


Unique to Lakeside in the UK - Twister adds a whole new dimension to water inflatable rides by doing 360's as the ride progresses across the Wake.  The ride intensity can be tailored to your needs from relatively gentle to simply intense.


We do ask that participants are able to swim 25 metres.


Inflatable Combos 
For groups...choose a three out of four fun inflatables rides!

The time given maximises fun for all...

up to 5 riders          30 mins     £110

6 to 10 riders           60 mins     £200

We welcome riders age 6 and up.