Following the latest release of the UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy, the public have been given permission to partake in some outdoor sports on a limited and conditional basis. Lakeside Brasserie Ltd plan to open a limited selection of water sports activities from Saturday 16th May. 

These activities will be strictly pre-booking only

in an effort to reduce social contact we will open for competent water-skiers / wakeboarders / wake surfers only. 

We are operating special hours 

until restrictions are lifted or until we are able 
to open more frequently.


Please call 012858 60606 to book.


In the interest of public safety, we have listed below the measures we will be putting in place to comply with Government guidance and help provide a safe environment for all participants and staff members. These new measures will stay in place until we are confident that lifting them can be done so safely, with as little risk as possible to Lakeside Brasserie Ltd customers and staff members.


The two main principles to help ensure a safe environment:

1.    Reduce social contact as much as possible by reducing how many people are on site at any time

2.    Reduce contact with any surfaces/equipment and allow time for equipment to be cleaned between each session

Current protocols: 

•    If you have any symptoms, please do not attend
•    Limited time on site to be maximum 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after any session – doing this will reduce interaction between customers and allow time for the equipment to be cleaned appropriately between slots
•    Please ensure that you arrive on time for your allocated slot
•    Group sizes limited to individuals or households – no observers on shore/offshore
•    Only 20 minute sessions will be available (two back-to-back 10 minute sessions) – this is to limit multiple daily visits 
•    All bookings must be pre-booked over the telephone and any bookings made the same day will also need to be booked over the telephone – we will not take bookings on site
•    Please arrive ‘ready to ride’ or change in your vehicle if possible
•    If not possible: maximum one person in the changing rooms/toilet areas at any time – showers will not be available for use
•    Hire of wetsuits will not be available and riders are encouraged to use their own equipment and avoid borrowing club equipment, including using own their own handles where possible
•    No passengers to be permitted to ride in the boats and the rider’s personal belongings must remain onshore – lockers are available 
•    Riders are not permitted to enter the towboat at any time and will be expected to be towed back to the dock at the end of the session
•    Good hand hygiene required on arrival and at all times whilst on the premises
•    Where possible, wait for the previous rider to leave the premises before entering the dock area

We know that these measures are antisocial and potentially awkward in some ways, but our primary interest has always been our customers’ safety. We hope that with your support we will be able to lift these restrictions as soon as possible, but in the meantime,  we would be grateful if you could help us follow the protocols set out and provide the safest possible environment for everyone to get back on the water!

COVID Wakeboard Operations